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Meet your Meat - 13 min online YouTube video ,  covers each stage of life of animals raised for food:…


When a person eats meat, one is actually placing
an order that an animal be killed. If one doesn't eat meat at a meal, one has
saved the life of an animal.

Each time someone eats a meal of meat,  they make the unconscious statement,

"I condone, sanction and order the mass torture and slaughter of animals."

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA):


Paying someone else to kill for you / Hypocritical

One of the most common defend-objections of  dead-meat-eaters raise against
vegetarianism is that vegetarians still have to kill plants.
In response it may be pointed out that vegetarian foods such
as ripe fruits and many vegetables, nuts, grains, and milk do not require
any killing.
But even in those cases where a plant's "life" is taken,
plants have a lesser evolved collective consciousness,
than animals who already have some Individual Self-Consciousness and Higher Nervous System ,
the Pain and Suffering involved is so Enormous when animal is slaughtered.


It does not occur to you that you are killing and eating animals just for your taste... and what taste? Just a few tastebuds on your tongue can be removed by any plastic surgeon very easily, and you will not taste anything. Just for your tastebuds you are killing living beings.


Love1008 is member of DA clubs ~vegetarians and ~veggies

Animals are warehoused in concentration-camp conditions and fed steroids to increase their amount of muscle mass. The steroids make them vulnerable to infection, so they are fed antibiotics as well. They are terrified and under constant physical and emotional stress, so the chemicals that are released by their own nervous and glandular systems are also coursing through their bodies.
By ingesting the grosser chemistries of animal foods, one introduces into the body and mind the stress and terrible fear of death, all of which are locked into the flesh of butchered creatures.

Animals have feelings -- they experience love, happiness, loneliness, and fear.
More than 25 billion animals are killed by the meat industry each year -- in ways that would horrify any compassionate person.

When you eat meat you are ingesting all the stress hormones released when that animal was killed. The hormones released at death are present in the flesh when you eat it. At a cellular level, your body is getting the message of very low vibration.

Food is the source of the body's chemistry, and what we ingest affects our consciousness, emotions and experiential patterns.
If one wants to live in higher consciousness, in peace and happiness and love for all creatures, then he/she should not eat meat.

Every animal will fight for its life. What then can be the mental  condition  of the animal that has been cruelly forced into contracted  pens and cars, and  finally deprived of its body amid the most  terrifying surroundings?
-- Can it be  otherwise than that its entire  consciousness is permeated by violent vibrations  of terror that  act and react upon all planes of animal life with which they come  into contact.

You think that you eat a material thing called meat,  but the fact  is there is no such thing in reality. The flesh may  seem to your outer sense to  be a dead, inert mass, but, could  your soul eye be opened, you would behold  mental currents pervading  its every atom, acting and reacting upon each other in  a wild,  bewildered manner, like the animal of whose body it formed a part.  

Visit  shipping  pens, stock-trains, stock-yards and packing houses, if you want  evidence of the sufferings of the poor beasts of the field. And  these very  sufferings are through the law of sympathetic mental  vibrations transferred to  the flesh of those who eat the bodies  of these animals.

You  are taking into your temple elements that will unsettle it,  elements that you  will have difficulty in harmonizing.
--  from "Flesh-Eating Metaphysically"

Advantages of Vegetarianism…


by Osho from Tantra: The Supreme Understanding :

I don't say what to eat, and what not to eat. But with the self-remembrance that you are eating soon you will see many things have become impossible to do :
With self-remembering you cannot eat meat, impossible. It is impossible to be violent if you remember. It is impossible to harm somebody when you remember, because when you remember yourself, suddenly you see that the same light, the same flame is burning everywhere, within each body, each unit. The more you know your inner nature, the more you penetrate the other. How can you kill animals for eating? It becomes simply impossible.
If you meditate long enough, deep enough, it is impossible for you to hurt animals for food; it is impossible. It is not a question of argument, it is not a question of scriptures, it is not who says what, it is not a question of calculating that if you take vegetarian food you will become spiritual; it is automatic.


by Sri Chinmoy: In my teachings the vegetarian diet plays a most important role. In order to become pure, a vegetarian diet helps us considerably. Purity is of paramount importance in our spiritual life. This purity we must establish in the physical, the vital and the mental. When we eat meat, fish and so forth, the aggressive, animal consciousness enters into us. Our nerves become agitated; we unconsciously become restless and aggressive. The mild qualities of vegetables, on the other hand, help us to establish in our inner life as well as in our outer life, the qualities of sweetness, softness, simplicity and purity.
If you want to lead a better life, a disciplined life, a pure life, I feel that a vegetarian diet is necessary. Those who eat meat, unconsciously are taking in the consciousness of an animal. In addition to their hostile and other undivine qualities, animals have tremendous restlessness. When we take in mild foods, our consciousness automatically becomes mild, soft and sweet. But when we eat meat, we take in the restless consciousness of animals.


piano improvisation for Meditation :

listen and free download here :…

"Sri Chinmoy's piano improvisations have always produced in me a feeling of expansiveness, of cosmic traveling, moving through galaxies at high speed, and also an outer expression of the inner will power needed to win in the battlefield of life.
From subtle, high grace notes, to thundering chords in the lower register, Sri Chinmoy's piano music has everything I need, the beauty and the power, the subtlety and the will, the microcosm and the universe. We hope that you all enjoy this journey through the inner spaces. "

Spiritual music online , free Radio Sri Chinmoy :
Sri Chinmoy:

Spirituality means a Higher Life
an Inner Awakening
a better way of Self-expression.
So when art embodies these things,
when you offer these things to the World through your art,
at that time your art is manifesting Spirituality.

If a painting gives me an immediate inner thrill or a feeling of Joy,
if it touches my aspiring Heart and makes me want to become a better person,
then I feel that painting Is meaningful for me.

But if a particular work of art does Not give my aspiring Heart immediate Inspiration,
then I find it Very difficult to appreciate.



Sri Chinmoy's vast outpouring of artistic works have given Joy and Inspiration
to people at galleries worldwide. He calls his art Jharna-Kala which is "Fountain Art"  


"Paintings are there on the subtle plane, but we have to use paint to manifest them, It is like a river, The river is flowing down from the subtle plane, in this case the creative plane, and when it touches the earth, at that time it takes form and becomes creation itself."

more about Sri Chinmoy


ART IS LOVE , nice reading about art :
Only that which is loved is beautiful. . . . The necessary essence of art is Love. . . . Love must be the mother of the arts, not architecture, not structure, not function. True art always involves the observer in the participatory gesture of being, or what we call love..... MORE HERE :…
The Blue Bird

I am the bird of God in His blue;
Divinely high and clear
I sing the notes of the sweet and the true
For the god's and the seraph's ear.

I rise like a fire from the mortal's earth
Into a griefless sky
And drop in the suffering soil of his birth
Fire-seeds of ecstasy.

My pinions soar beyond Time and Space
Into unfading Light;
I bring the bliss of the Eternal's face
And the boon of the Spirit's sight.

I measure the worlds with my ruby eyes;
I have perched on Wisdom's tree
Thronged with the blossoms of Paradise
By the streams of Eternity.

Nothing is hid from my burning heart;
My mind is shoreless and still;
My song is rapture's mystic art,
My flight immortal will.

Sri Aurobindo…


Because Thou art...

    Because Thou art All-beauty and All-bliss,
    My soul blind and enamoured yearns for Thee;
    It bears Thy mystic touch in all that is
    And thrills with the burden of that ecstasy.

    Behind all eyes I meet Thy secret gaze
    And in each voice I hear Thy magic tune:
    Thy sweetness haunts my heart through Nature's ways;
    Nowhere it beats now from Thy snare immune.

    It loves Thy body in all living things;
    Thy joy is there in every leaf and stone:
    The moments bring Thee on their fiery wings;
    Sight's endless artistry is Thou alone.

    Time voyages with Thee upon its prow, -
    And all the future's passionate hope is Thou.


    Sri Aurobindo


Rose of God

Rose of God, vermilion stain on the sapphires of Heaven,
Rose of bliss, Fire-Sweet, seven-tinged with the Ecstasies seven.
Leap up in our Heart of humanhood, O Miracle, O Flame,
Passion-flower of the Nameless, bud of the Mystical Name.

Rose of God, great Wisdom-bloom on the summits of Being,
Rose of Light, immaculate core of the ultimate seeing!
Live in the mind of our earthood; O golden Mystery, Flower,
Sun on the head of the Timeless, guest of the marvellous Hour.

Rose of God, damask force of Infinity, red icon of Might,
Rose of Power with thy diamond halo piercing the Night!
Ablaze in the Will of the mortal, design the wonder of thy Plan,
Image of Immortality, outbreak of the Godhead in Man.

Rose of God, smitten purple with the incarnate divine Desire,
Rose of Life, crowded with petals, colour´s lyre!
Transform the Body of the mortal like a Sweet and Magical rhyme;
Bridge our Earthhood and Heavenhood, make Deathless the Children of Time.

Rose of God, like a blush of rapture on Eternity´s Face,
Rose of Love, ruby depth of all Being, Fire-passion of Grace!
Arise from the Heart of the yearning that sobs in Nature´s Abyss:
Make earth the Home of the Wonderful and Life Beatitude´s kiss.

Sri Aurobindo